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Burglar Alarm System

Burglar alarm system

When there are so many amazing inventions and technologies available for the very purpose of making your life easier, then why not just let them? The only concern that keeps playing in mind when you own a lot of possessions is their protection. But then again, technology can take care of that issue for you as well. Designed to detect intrusion into a building or area, Optex burglar alarm systems come to the rescue and offer the occupants protection against burglary and property damage. They also provide personal protection against intruders. Protect your property, whether it is industrial or commercial or residential, with an Optex burglar alarm system that would make sure that you can rest easy in the knowledge that you and your hard earned possessions are well protected against intrusion, theft and personal harm.

Why should you buy a burglar alarm system?

This is an immoral time that has been seeing an alarming increase in the number of blue collar crimes including robberies and theft. Occurrences like these are enough to make any property owner or occupant nervous. Furthermore, the thought of leaving the property unattended even for a day is enough to give you goose bumps. The worst part is that even occupied houses can be a target for thieves, intruders and robbers. That is why the protection of your property is of paramount importance.

Last but not the very least, it is not possible to quantify the price of one’s peace of mind and that is why investing in a burglar alarm system is a really good idea.


In order to increase the effectiveness of your burglar alarm system, it is a good idea to have an added surveillance at the perimeter and boundary of the compound besides the indoor alarm system. When it comes to Optex burglar alarm systems, there are a number of advantages of having one installed. The main features of our alarm systems that provide next generation stability of combination technology are:

  • 5 meters to 100 meters detection range
  • Adjustable detection zone function
  • size judging function
  • double conductive shielding
  • sensitivity selection switch
  • temperature compensation
  • selectable N.C. Or N.O. alarm output

About Optex Pinnacle

Founded in 1979, Optex has been working hard towards offering the society safer, more reliable and comfortable lives through our sensing technologies. Optex aims at providing products and services to our customers in the fields of security detectors, access control, and industrial equipment, as well as transportation-related and LED lighting control systems. And now, Optex has formed a joint venture, Optex Pinnacle India, to combine the world’s leading sensor technology of Optex and the high skills of gathering market intelligence by Pinnacle, and bring to India the assurance of well-being for each and every person who chooses Optex security products to secure their premises. The main aim of this company is to create new value for the people in India by offering security solutions for a safe and worry free life.

Installation procedure

Based on your needs and the property that needs to be secured, you can select from a range of burglar alarm systems that are provided by Optex Pinnacle India. You can opt for wired burglar alarm systems or can choose to have battery operated models for installation.

Once you have decided the type of security and the models that you want installed at your premises, Optex Pinnacle India has tie-ups with several third party service providers PAN India to get the best systems installed at your premises with minimal installation cost and time needed.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries related to our products.