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Intrusion Alarm system

Intrusion alarm system manufacturer

There is not much use of detecting an intrusion until and unless an alarm is raised. That is why you need an intrusion alarm system to protect your property from unwanted visitors. A proper intrusion alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion into a building or area. An Intrusion alarm system manufacturer designs such systems for residential, commercial, industrial, as well as military properties for protection and raising alarms against burglary or property damage, as well as for personal protection against intruders.

How an intrusion alarm system works

In addition to the sensor technology that one can install for the protection of their property, installing an intrusion alarm also needs to be considered. Optex Pinnacle India, an expert intrusion alarm system manufacturer in India, can ensure proper protection for you. There are a variety of alarms monitoring systems or operator front-ends that are available as per your requirements. Each system has unique features available, but the basic functions that all systems follow are: -

  1. The annunciation of alarms
  2. Logging the alarm details
  3. Displaying the alarm locations in an easy-to-understand format, displayed mostly as multiple levels of overlaid maps that are helpful when it comes to detecting the exact location of the alarm trigger.

Intrusion Alarm System Types

Alarm systems designed by today’s intrusion alarm system manufacturers are adept at providing both a visual as well as an audible indication of an alarm. The function of the sound alarm is pretty clear and has been in use for quite a while by intrusion alarm system manufacturers. Visually, the alarm data is displayed as symbols overlaid on a map of the site being monitored. The urgency of the visual alarm may vary depending on various factors like which particular sensors or layers were triggered and in which sequence, and also, the location of the trigger (high priority vs. low priority areas). For this purpose, a number of intrusion alarm system manufacturers also offer a CCTV surveillance capability which can automatically provide a real time view and recording of the intrusion. These alarm systems can be used with a number of detection levels, including perimeter breach, building entries as well as roof detections.

About Optex Pinnacle

One of the philosophies that are taken pretty seriously at Optex Co. Ltd. is to learn about the “Culture of a Country”. With a rich and diverse experience of entering into new geographies in the last 40 years, Optex has learned that the key for successful ventures is to find the right partners. That is why Optex Co. Ltd. has formed a joint venture with Pinnacle Sourcing and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., combining their word class sensing technologies with the meticulous market intelligence skills of Pinnacle, to create new value to the people in India by offering security solutions for safer life with Optex Pinnacle India Pvt. Ltd., now one of the best intrusion alarm system manufacturers in the market.


For proper installation of an intrusion alarm system, it needs to be integrated with the detection systems, so both can function in tandem with each other. It is often very easy to underestimate the cost of installation for a complete intrusion alarm system as prices are generally calculated per foot of installation. A few of the other factors that play a role in the installation cost are:

  • Installation Cost
  • Additional Infrastructure
  • Communication Lines
  • Security Management System
  • Maintenance

Optex Pinnacle India has tie-ups with a number of reliable third party service providers PAN India that can take care of your installation needs for the intrusion alarm systems with optimum installation cost and low amount of time involved.