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  • Q: Which photobeams have a form C relay?

    Answer: All but the TN series

  • Q: How far from the ground should beams be installed?

    Answer: The recommended height is at least 2.7 feet because of reflection possabilities also you do not want to install to low intruder may simply walk over beam and never be detected.

  • Q: How far apart can the beams be when stacking?

    Any amount of space as long as you can put the cover on. But always making good judgement and not mounting to close, the key to double stacking is to eliminate the possibilety of the intruder from jumping over or crawling under the beams.

  • Q: How do I set up for an area with birds or debris?

    Answer: Increase the beam interruption time adjustment.

  • Q: What is beam interruption?

    Beam interruption can be adjusted to fit any application.When protecting a wall or fence, a longer interruption time will catch an intuder.

  • Q: What do I need to properly align a photobeam?

    Answer: All you will need is a voltmeter to measure the alignment voltage.

  • Q: If the power goes out, will it trigger the alarm?

    Answer: Yes. The relay will change state. You may avoid this by adding a backup battery.

  • Q: Which beams are stackable?

    Answer: Only the TF series are stackable. These have the Selectable 4-Channel Beam Frequency switch.

  • Q: How do I know when the beams are lined up correctly?

    Answer: Once you have aligned the beams using the viewfinder, you should check the alignment using the voltage jacks for fine tuning. It should measure about 2.3 to 5 Volts.

  • Q: Are heaters available?

    Answer: Yes heaters are available Note: The heaters power input is 24V DC/AC, 430mA so it is always recomended to provide them with there own power supply.

  • Q: What type of batteries are required for the AX Wireless Beams?

    Answer: QTY-4 3.6V D size Lithium Batteries. Batteries are included with the beams.

  • Q: Does the Wireless transmitter come with the AX Wireless Beams?

    Answer: No. AX100/200TFR's are Wireless ready.You will need to provide a wireless transmitter to send a signal to a receiver.

  • Q: What is the life expectancy of the batteries?

    Answer: Batteries should last 3-5 Years.

  • Q: What is Enviromental Disqualification Circuit?

    Answer: It sends a trouble signal when the beam strength is below an acceptable level due to heavy fog,rain or snow conditions.The trouble signal output continues as long as the beam strength is below an acceptable level.