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  • Q: How high can I mount the BX unit?

    Answer: The mounting height is 2.7-4ft high. This applies to all BX series units. For better results, mount the detector at 3-3.5 feet.

  • Q: Can I mask off one end of the BX?

    Answer: Yes you can. Masking strips are provided in the box. Check the installation manual for proper masking areas.

  • Q: How far out does the pattern protrude?

    Answer: Approx. 2 feet at 40feet out. It detects 40' at each side

  • Q: Does the transmitter come with the BX80NR?

    Answer: No. It accepts most transmitters and receivers from all manufacturers

  • Q: Question: Can the BX80N be pole mounted?

    Answer: No. Unless you have the unit mounted on a flat surface.

  • Q: What type of power is required for the BX80NR?

    Answer: The BX80NR is a wireless ready unit. It requires 3-9V DC

  • Q: Can I adjust the detection on the BX unit?

    Answer: Yes. Adjustments can be made by moving the lens.