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  • Q: Can I use your sensors as a standalone product?

    Answer: No. Our sensor works like a switch when it detects human entering into the detection zone. You will need a control panel to hook up our sensors to create intrusion security system.

  • Q: How can I determine which and how many sensors I will need to protect my property?

    Answer: Our staff can consult you with a solution plan if you can share us the detail information about the property (ex. site drawing , picture, etc.) and what kind of protection you want.

  • Q: Sensor is not detecting far enough as mentioned on specification.

    Answer: Sensor might not be mounted at appropriate height or an angle. Please read the instruction manual carefully to adjust the sensor mounting position.

  • Q: I heard that PIR sensors will not work under high temperature condition. Is this true?

    Answer: No. PIR sensor will detect the temperature difference between the detecting target and surrounding temperature within the field of view of the sensor whether it is positive or negative difference. At day time, temperature of the ground can rise up to 50 or 60 degree, as surface of a human body will stay around 30degrees. More than 20degrees of temperature difference is far more than enough for the sensor to detect.