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  • Q: What is the difference between the HX-40 -40AM -40RAM?

    HX-40 (PIR Only)
    HX-40AM (PIR with IR anti - masking)
    HX-40RAM (PIR-R with IR anti - masking)

  • Q: What does the AND logic with unique Pyro - Element?

    Answer: HX utilizes "AND" detection meaning Upper and Lower detection areas have to be activated in order to generate an alarm. In addition the original are configuration adds width between each detection area to prevent false alarms caused by a pet or small animal.

  • Q: When changing the detction distance is it best to adjust the bracket or use the masking tape?

    Answer: Do not change the detection distance with Bracket. Always use the masking seal to adjust the detection distance.

  • Q: What is the mounting hight for the HX?

    Answer: The mounting height is 8.3 - 10ft.

  • Q: How does the AND - OR logic work?

    Answer: When in the AND position the HX will only generate an alarm when both Upper and Lower detection areas detect. When in the OR position the HX will generate an alarm when either the Upper or Lower area detection areas detect.

  • Q: What kind of adjustments does the bracket give me?

    Answer: The Bracket will give you a Horizontal adjustment of 180 degrees or a Vertical adjustment of +/- 20 degrees.

  • Q: Does the HX-40RAM come equipped with its own wireless Transmitter?

    Answer: No it does not, the unit comes wireless ready and is compatible with most manufacturers wirless systems.

  • Q: What kind of batteries are required to power up the HX-40RAM?

    Answer: It can be powered up on its own using either three CR123A or three CR2 batteries. Also you can battery share off of your wireless Transmitter.

  • Q: Does the bracket provided with the unit mount to a single gang box or is there a different bracket I need to order?

    Answer: Yes the bracket provided with the HX will mount to a single gang box.