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  • Q: What does SIP stand for?

    Answer: SIP stands for Synthesized Intelligent PIR.

  • Q: How high can I mount the SIP Redwalls?

    Answers: 7.6-13ft Max.

  • Q: What happens if a unit is mounted higher than what was specified?

    Answer: No detection or false alarms can occur. The detector will lose it's reliability and will decrease in range.

  • Q: What is the warranty on all Redwall units?

    Answer: All redwall units have a 1 Year Warranty

  • Q: Can Heaters be purchased for SIP Redwall units?

    Answer: Yes. SIP-HU can be used for the following models: SIP-3020, SIP-3020/5, SIP-4010, SIP-4010/5, SIP-404, SIP-404/5, SIP-5030, SIP-100.
    Note: When Heater "SIP-HU" is used, the power for SIP unit should be 22-26V AC.

  • Q: How much power is required for SIP Redwalls?

    Answer: 11-16VDC or 22-26VAC is required for SIP3020/4010/404 Models. 12VDC on SIP3020 CAM DN Models Only

  • Q: Can I mask SIP Redwall Detectors?

    Answer: Yes. An Area View Finder is required along with the Area Plate (An accessory) to see what needs to be masked off within the detector. Masking plates and masking seals are used within the detector

  • Q: What do I need to align SIP Redwall units?

    Answer: To properly align SIP Redwall units, A Walk Tester (OPM-WT) and Area View Finder(AVF-1) is required

  • Q: What is the Detection Logic selector?

    Answer: The Detection Logic Selector is the AND/OR logic. AND Logic is when both Far and Near zones need to detect before going into alarm. The OR Logic is when either Near or Far areas detect before triggering.

  • Q: What accessories are required to properly install SIP Redwall detectors?

    Answer: You will need an AVF-1 (Area View Finder) and an OPM-WT ( Walk Tester) The Area Plate is in the box and is specific for each unit.

  • Q: What optional accessories are available for SIP Redwalls?

    Answer: The SIP-HU (Heater Unit) and SIP-MINI or MIDI Hood (Sun,Snow shield)