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  • Q: How high can the VX-402 be mounted?

    Answer: The mounting height is 2.7-4 feet high. This applies to all VX series units.

  • Q: Does the VX-402R have a transmitter built in?

    Answer: No, the VX-402R is battery operated and has a back compartment to fit a wireless transmitter in.

  • Q: Does the wireless version have a recorded message feature?

    Answer: No it does not.

  • Q: How is the unit pet immune?

    Answer: The vx series has two detection patterns. One that detects straight out and another that detects at a lower angle. Both detection patterns must sense motion to have an alarm output. Animals will not set off the detector if mounted at the correct height.

  • Q: What is the current draw of the detector?

    Answer: 10 microamps in standby. In other words, very little.

  • Q: How do I change the detection pattern?

    Answer: Follow the instructions below.

  • Q: Will the VX-402 operate under cold weather conditions?

    Answer: Yes. It's operating temperatures range from -4-F(-20 C) to 122-F(+50 C)