The OPTEX OA-PRESENCE TN is designed to create optimum safety around sliding doors. When using the OA-PRESENCE TN for threshold safety the use of safety beams is no longer mandatory. The OA-PRESENCE TN enables you to install maximum safety in compliance with the latest European and local regulations, including EN 16005 and DIN 18650. The OA-PRESENCE TN has been tested and approved by the German test organization TÜV.

  • Side Screen Safety
    The OA-PRESENCE TN can be used as a side screen safety sensor. By installing the sensor at the rear end of the door, the OA-PRESENCE TN will secure the side screen area and prevent the doors from hitting someone or something during their opening cycle.
  • Threshold Safety
    The OPTEX OA-PRESENCE TN is the ideal sensor for threshold safety used in combination with external activators like push buttons, security systems, or any kind of activation sensor. By using the OA-PRESENCE TN the threshold is completely secured and prevents the door from closing when it is open or during the closing cycle.
  • Presence Detection
    The active infrared presence detection of the OA-PRESENCE TN can be set very accurately and moved 5° toward or away from the door. When used as a threshold safety sensor the installation of safety beams is no longer mandatory. The sensor detects a person or object and holds the door open for as long as they are in the threshold area, even if they stop or pause. The OPTEX OA-PRESENCE TN has been tested and approved by the German test organization TÜV and complies with DIN 18650 and European norm EN 16005.
  • Recessed Mount Installation
    By installing the OA-PRESENCE TN on a mounting bracket (supplied by the door manufacturer), it is easy to integrate the sensor into the header of the door operator. The sensor is accessible from the bottom so installation and settings can be carried out without removing the operator’s cover.
  • Buildings
  • Complies with EN 16005 and DIN 18650 safety standards
  • Side Screen Safety
  • Presence Detection
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