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Optex Security Sensors represent a cutting-edge solution tailored to the specific security needs of financial institutions. Renowned for their precision and reliability, Optex sensors play a pivotal role in fortifying the safety and integrity of banks. These sensors, designed by Optex, a leading provider of security technology, encompass a range of advanced devices, including intrusion detection systems, indoor sensor, outdoor sensor, and more.

Optex’s innovative sensor technologies leverage state-of-the-art features, such as infrared motion detection and advanced image processing, to ensure accurate and swift identification of security threats. The integration of Optex Security Sensors into a comprehensive security infrastructure empowers financial institutions to monitor their premises in real-time, detect unauthorized access, and respond promptly to potential risks.

With a commitment to delivering top-tier security solutions, Optex Security Sensors not only meet but exceed industry standards. Their application ensures regulatory compliance and fosters a secure environment for customers, staff, and assets. As technology evolves, Optex continues to stay at the forefront of the industry, providing banks with reliable and adaptable security solutions to address the dynamic nature of security challenges in the financial sector. In essence, Optex Security Sensors stand as a testament to the brand’s dedication to innovation and the protection of financial institutions against emerging security threats.

Pain Points

  • Fraud Prevention: Banks need to continually innovate their security measures to stay ahead of fraudsters who employ increasingly sophisticated methods. Detecting and preventing various forms of financial fraud, including identity theft and account takeover, requires robust and adaptive security solutions.
  • Physical Security Concerns: Traditional security concerns like unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism persist. Maintaining the physical security of bank branches, ATMs, and other facilities is crucial to prevent criminal activities and ensure the safety of customers and staff.
  • Insider Threats: Despite sophisticated external security measures, insider threats from employees or contractors pose a significant risk. Banks must implement measures to monitor and prevent unauthorized access or activities by individuals within the organization.


Bank and ATM

Indoor Protection

Vault Protection

Hybrid security of guards and machine security

Integration with VMS and CCTV solution

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Indoor Protection
Hybrid security
Hybrid Security System
Vault 2
Vault Protection
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Integration with VMS and CCTV
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