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Protect the premises with integrated security system

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OPTEX is a world leading manufacturer of high performance
sensing technologies. For over 40 years, OPTEX has been trusted by thousands of customers worldwide for the accuracy and reliability of its detection systems

Intrusion Detection Sensors

OPTEX Intrusion Detection Sensors avoid Intrusion activities at places like Defence Cantonments, Airports, Industries, Homes, etc.

Automatic Door Sensors

OPTEX is very much specialized in Automatic Door Sensors for providing safe and secure entry through Swinging, Sliding and Revolving doors. 

Virtual Loop Detectors

Our Vehicle Sensors range provides accurate, above the ground, Vehicle Detection and Vehicle Counting devices for safe and efficient

Access Security

OPTEX Access Control System prevents Unauthorized access at the gates or doors and makes security level higher to protect confidential information

Environmental Sensors

Our Environmental Sensors improve the level of water management and recycling of precious water resources. OPTEX being a leading water quality

People Counting Sensors

To help businesses and organizations understand their visitors flow and habits, OPTEX provides a real-time, multi-directional people counter.

Factory Protection

Sea Port (Mumbai)

Power Substation

Elephant Detection

Perimeter Security

Perimeter is the first stage from where the intruders start to implement their ideas. OPTEX becomes the barrier there by giving early warning to the guards

Mangaurd Efficiency

Deployment of Manguards can be done effectively by integrating sensors with CCTVs. It can result in long-term cost saving and reduction in human error.

Data Security

Theft of the confidential information and data is the fear of all the companies. OPTEX provides the solution to such problems being faced.

Years of Business

40+ Years

Worldwide Presence

80+ Countries

Products Supplied/Year

3 Million +

Products in Use

20 Million +

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