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In today’s times, with the increasing crime rates, ensuring the security of the family and community has become a significant challenge. There is always a fear that comes to mind whether the family is safe or not as burglar is always ready to intrude into your premises. Whether you are at the office during the day or at home in night.

The Optex sensors are providing you round-the-clock security for your home, community or village, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes securing outdoor areas like your garden, backyard, perimeters and entrances to give the real time alert on intrusion attempt at your premises. Outdoor security system can notify you right after an intruder reaches your garden so that you can respond it earlier or even turn them away.

Pain Points

  • The risk of harm to human life, valuable assets, and cherished belongings is a significant and critical concern for an individuals and community.
  • The risk of a crime, Unauthorized entry, or vandalism to a home or to the community area.
  • The high risk of animal attacks in village areas.


Resident Security 2 scaled 1

Vehicle Detection System

Rooftop Security

Perimeter Instrution Detection System

Integration with VMS and CCTV solution

Gated Community Solution

Middle Area Security

Indoor Protection

Solutions List

Home Security System
Home Security System
Home alarm System
Home Alarm System
Middle area protection
Outdoor Motion Sensor
perimeter protection
Perimeter Protection
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Intrusion Detection System
Intrusion Detection System
Burgler alram system
What is a Burglar Alarm System?
Hybrid security
Hybrid Security System
Rooftop Security System

Case Studies

HNI bungalow in Mumbai​
Perimeter security system for HNI bungalow in Bandra, Mumbai​
Rooftop case study 3 1
Securing Rooftops for Residence in Lonavla
Securing HNI Bungalow in Pune​
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