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A rooftop security sensor is a device installed on the rooftop of a building to enhance security by detecting and alerting to potential threats, intrusions, or unusual activities in the rooftop area.

During nighttime or after business hours, the potential for intruders gaining access and attempting to steal valuable materials and confidential data poses a significant risk. Such incidents can disrupt business operations and erode customer trust. Intruders can break into a building from various intrusion point, including not only through windows and entrances of buildings, but also through rooftops. Additional attention is required especially for buildings where valuable items are stored or high-rise buildings. In India, the common practice is to employ security guards to mitigate this risk. However, challenges related to human factors, including motivation, skills, and ethics, can emerge. Moreover, as labor costs increase, so do a company’s overall expenses. To address these issues, OPTEX suggests a hybrid approach that combines the effectiveness of security sensor alarm systems with the presence of security guards, providing a cost-effective and efficient security solution.

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Intrusion from the roof can occur not only through regular doors on rooftop, but also by cutting holes in the roof. Therefore, the entire rooftop must be covered to improve security. OPTEX’s LiDAR sensor series “REDSCAN” creates a horizontal surface detection area on the rooftop. It can dramatically reduces false alarms caused by insects, small animals, sudden strong light etc. that often occur in video analytics systems, and provide high detection performance in outdoor environments. 

RLS-2020S (RESCAN mini) is a compact outdoor LiDAR sensor that provides 20 x 20m detection area. The detectection area can be devided into 4 adjustable zones on IP connection and total 3 outputs can be assigned for analog connection. It can be seamlessly integrated with installed security systems, including VMS or PSIM, or directly with PTZ cameras. 

The “REDSCAN Pro” series is extremely suitable for intruder detection at large rooftop. The rectangular detection area configuration makes area planning easy and enables a single sensor to cover a wide area. It is an ONVIF profile S compliant sensor allowing it to send alarm outputs via the ONVIF protocol to any ONVIF compliant networked video system or IP network devices. By integrating a surveillance camera system and sensors, you can build a system to visually check camera images in real time from the monitoring room by using sensor detection as a trigger.  This is an efficient security system that enables you to take early response.

Key Features of REDSCAN Series

  • Installation location: REDSCAN series sensors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.

  • Mounting method: Ceiling mounting, wall mounting, tripod mounting, and optional pole or recess mounting are available installation options.

  • Detection Range: The REDSCAN series are available in 3 variants 20 x 20m, 30 x 60m and 50 x 100m.

  • Strong against rain the enviromental factor:  It’s designed to work in the temperatures from -40°C to  60°C heat, while also not being affected by rain, snow, wind or strong light.


Other Applications of REDSCAN RLS-Series

Museum 1
Art protection at museum
Wall Protection
Wall Protection at Warehouse
Skylight Protection
Skylight Protection at Public facility
Ceiling protection at Data center
Ceiling protection at Data center

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