LASER Security System

The security industry is growing parallelly with technology and doing innovations in developing new products with better features and better performance. Security devices working on the principle of laser is one such innovative step taken in the field of physical security.

OPTEX, being the leader in Sensing Technology has always come up with innovative products and LiDAR based products are one of them.

LASER Security System

LASER Security System:

A laser security system is the one that emits a narrow beam of light and gets to know the intruder presence on getting the beam reflected from the intruder.
On the basis of the reflected beam, the system is able to know the distance, size and speed of the intruder and differentiate it from other objects.

Components of a Laser Security System:


  1. LASER : LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A LASER is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. The LASER in the security system releases a narrow beam of light that travels in the air as a medium of propagation. The LASER keeps on getting reflected into the detector by the fixed object or surface in front of the system. 
  2. Detector : The detector is the component of the Laser Security System that receives the reflected Laser and measures the amount of light energy received.
  3. Alarm Unit : The alarm unit generates the alarm based upon its programming on the way to respond while detection of an object.

Working of a Laser Security System:


A security system working on LASER technology detects and alerts the intrusion attempt in the following steps –

  • The Security System keeps on transmitting the narrow beam of light through LASER in the air.
  • The transmitted light travels in the air until it is blocked by a fixed object in front of it.
  • The beam of light on hitting the fixed object gets reflected back into the device having a detector.
  • The detector continuously keeps on measuring the light falling on it after reflection.
  • When the Laser Security System is idle with no one coming into the path of the light beam, there will always be the same amount of light coming to the detector.
  • When any burglar comes in the path of the light beam, the path of light gets disturbed and the amount of reflected light falling on the detector gets altered.
  • On noticing the change in the falling light, the detector considers it as an intrusion attempt and activates the alarm unit to generate the alarm.
  • The alarm goes off with a loud sound to alert the intruder as well as the security personnel of the premises.

Advantages of a Laser Security System:


  • LASER system is used to create the virtual security curtain or Carpet for precise identification of an object in a defined zone.
  • LASER system creates a highly secure zone.

Applications (Verticals) of Laser Security System:

OPTEX Redwall/Redscan Series


REDWALL is the premium brand of outdoor detectors for perimeter surveillance, produced by OPTEX CO., LTD. Which is known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of reliable and high-performance infrared intrusion detectors. REDWALL products are specialized for video surveillance applications. By providing effective outdoor detection, REDWALL products enable operators to obtain the crucial images of crime, vandalism, terrorism or other threats and to take the appropriate actions.

In order to provide the best solutions, we have actively engaged in research and development by gathering information from actual industries and organizations concerned. We believe that the reduction of false alarms, easy installation, and proper adjustment are the keys to success, and to achieve This success our goal is to deliver security solutions with greater effectiveness at lower costs. We challenge to take new technologies in our products to provide the best solutions for video surveillance. Unique products with unrivalled performance are supplied under the REDWALL brand.

Why choose OPTEX LASER (LiDAR) Security System :

  • OPTEX LASER based products are highly accurate in detecting objects.
  • The OPTEX products can identify the size, speed, distance of moving objects.
  • OPTEX Laser security system is not affected by extreme weather conditions.
  • In OPTEX Laser security system, the zone can be further divided into Sub-Zones by using Optex Redwall software.
  • These products can be mounted both vertically and horizontally depending upon the requirement.
  • OPTEX products with LiDAR technology are equipped with built-in assistance cameras which simplifies installation and walk test.
  • These products can be mounted on walls, ceilings or poles without any installation difficulty.
  • OPTEX Laser security system is resistant to animals and hence do not give false alarms.


I have a museum of highly precious paintings. I do not have any problem if those paintings are seen from very close but should get to know if being touched. Can you provide any such solution to protect my paintings ?

Yes, we do have products to provide the safety you are looking for. We have LiDAR based products that will have a focus on each painting and create an invisible LASER wall. If anyone tries to touch the paintings, you will get an alert and act accordingly.

LASER, as known to all, can put an adverse effect on the eyes when enter directly. Why does Optex use LASER even after knowing about the adverse effects ?

Yes, it is scientifically proved that LASER can affect human eyes when enter directly. LASER are of different power ratings and there are some that do not affect human eyes. Optex uses Class 1 LASER that does not have any side effects on human eyes even after direct entry into the eyes.

Is the LiDAR technology the best one for securing the premises ?

No technology being utilized by our products is best or worst. Our products have been designed after keeping in mind their real-time applications and usage.

Can your LiDAR products be integrated with my pre-existing products from another brand?

Yes, our products can be integrated with your pre-existing products from another brand.

Do your LASER based products get affected by rain or harsh weather conditions and give a poor response in detection ?

No, our products are well enough to stand still in any weather condition without any failure in performance.

Our Products

OPTEX has come up with a lot of innovative products with the time. LiDAR is the most advanced technology being incorporated into our products. LiDAR is the upper end of LASER technology with high detection performance, long-range customizable detection and environment resistance.

RLS 2020I


RLS 2020I


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RLS 3060V 2


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