Burglar Alarm System

Safeguarding property, family members, and essentials concerns everyone a lot and thus remains on the topmost priority always. Due to the rising crime rate and the methods used by burglars, traditional security solutions like CCTVs, fencing, etc have become incapable of preventing any security. Thus, to get a high level of security, it has become essential to upgrade to advanced technology security solutions.

Burglar Alarm System:

An Intrusion or Burglar Alarm System is a security solution incorporated with the latest technologies to detect intruders and forbid them from entering the premises by giving alerts to the owners and triggering an alarm to produce a loud noise.

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Components of an Alarm System:

An alarm system consists of a number of devices interconnected with each other.

    • Detecting Devices: The are the devices that actually detect intruders on the basis of their motion and are also called motion detectors. The motion detectors are equipped with motion sensors which notice the Infrared waves released from objects in their vicinity and any changes in their level.

    • Control Panel: Control Panel is the Central Processing Unit of the Intrusion Alarm system with different connected devices. It receives and sends signals from other devices and instructs them to act as per the pre-set programming.

    • Surveillance Camera: Video cameras are mounted at the entry/exit and high threat-prone areas to keep on recording everything which comes in its range.

    • Siren/Hooter: When an intruder is detected by the security system, the control panel sends a signal to the Alarm device to produce a loud noise and alert the intruder as well as the property owners.

Technologies used in Burglar Alarm System :

Intrusion or Burglar Alarm Systems use different technologies to detect and report intrusion attempts at any premises.

    1. Passive Infrared (PIR): A sensor with PIR technology is one in which there exists an Infrared detector that reads the infrared rays emitted by humans or objects. In such alarm systems, there is no particular device that emits infrared rays. The PIR sensor present in the detector keeps on recording the infrared images of its nearby environment and notices the changes if any. The changes in the infrared energy in the surroundings make the sensor to act and report it as an alert.

    1. Active Infrared (AIR): AIR sensor, on the other hand, differs from the PIR sensor largely as these sensors have both a transmitter and a receiver to respectively send and receive the Infrared rays. The emitter sends the light to the receiver and this process goes on continuously to keep the system running. Whenever any object or person comes in the path of the transmitted light, the light gets distorted and the amount of energy being received by the receiver gets changed. This change in the energy is taken as an intrusion attempt by the Burglar Alarm System and hence an alert signal is sent to report the intrusion.

How does an Intrusion/Burglar Alarm System work?

A burglar alarm system detects intruders and alerts the owners or deployed security personnel with some steps involved in the complete process. All the devices work in conjunction with each other being controlled by the Control Panel for ultimate security:-

1.    Detection :
Circuit Break – The burglar alarm components fixed on the doors and windows to alert while intrusion consist of electric circuits with switches. When an intruder opens the doors or windows, the electric circuit gets broken and the flow of electricity stops. This break in the flow of electricity in the device sends the signal to the control panel.

Motion Sensing – Another type of devices that are the components of a burglar/intrusion alarm system are the motion sensors working on Passive Infrared (PIR). The motion sensors keep track of the nearby environment temperature and notice the changes in it. When a person comes into the detection range of a device, the sensor senses his body temperature and notices the change in the nearby environment temperature. This change in the temperature sends the warning signal to the control panel. The device considers it as an intrusion activity and sends a warning message to the control panel to trigger the alarm.

2.    Notification :

Once a warning signal is received by the control panel, it now acts as per its set programming to either generate an alarm or send the alert to the property owner/security personnel.

Burglar Alarm System Working

Types of Alarm Systems:

The Alarm Systems are of two types-

1. Wired: In such Alarm Systems, all the devices are provided with their respective cables to connect with the power source and the control panel.

2. Wireless: The devices are connected to the control panel through radio waves and interact with each other in the air itself. For power, every device is equipped with batteries and gives signals in advance when the time comes for battery replacement.

Applications of Burglar Alarm Systems:

An alarm system can be installed at residential as well as commercial places and depending upon the location some devices are installed inside and some outside of the premises.

    • Residences Insides: The security devices are installed in the interiors of homes without being visible to people outside and generate alarms if an unauthorized person enters the secured place.

    • Residences Outsides: The devices are mounted on the outer boundaries of the homes and alert the security personnel of an intrusion attempt.

    • Industries Insides: To prevent theft from internal staff and also to get an alert if someone is entering the restricted area, devices are installed inside the industries depending upon the user’s requirements.

    • Industries Outsides: Industries are attacked by outside thieves a lot due to the presence of high-cost pieces of equipment and machines. The outside walls of the industries are mounted with perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) to detect and stop burglars.


Burglar Alarm System Maintenance :

To keep the Burglar/Intrusion alarm system working fine, it requires some do it yourself tasks to be done once a while :-

  • Keep the devices dust free to increase their efficiency in detecting intruders.
  • Keep a check of the sensors’ surroundings to avoid any vegetation, curtains, etc in the detection range to prevent false alarms.
  • Do some walk tests of the devices to check if the sensors are detecting accurately.
  • Keep a check on the battery level of the wireless devices.

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What is the most common burglar alarm?

The most common burglar alarm is the intrusion detection system, which typically includes door and window sensors, motion detectors, and a control panel. These systems sound an alarm when unauthorized entry is detected. Modern versions often integrate with smart home technology, allowing remote monitoring and control via smartphone apps. These alarms provide a reliable and effective means of securing homes and deterring intruders.

Why have a burglar alarm?

A burglar alarm deters potential intruders, protecting your home and valuables. It provides peace of mind by ensuring immediate alerts during unauthorized entry, allowing for a quick response to prevent theft and damage. Modern systems can notify emergency services automatically and offer remote monitoring through smart home integration. Additionally, having a security system can lower insurance premiums and increase property value. Overall, it enhances safety, security, and peace of mind for homeowners.

Do burglar alarms stop burglars?

Burglar security alarms can deter burglars, reducing the likelihood of a break-in. Studies indicate that homes with alarm systems are less likely to be targeted. The presence of an alarm can prompt intruders to seek easier targets. However, effectiveness varies; experienced burglars might bypass alarms, and false alarms can reduce overall vigilance. Integration with other security measures, like surveillance cameras and neighborhood watch programs, enhances their effectiveness. In essence, while not foolproof, burglar alarms are a valuable component of a comprehensive security strategy.

Burglar alarm system working?

A burglar alarm system works by detecting unauthorized entry and alerting the property owner or a monitoring service. It comprises sensors on doors and windows, motion detectors, and a control panel. When a sensor is triggered, it sends a signal to the control panel, which activates an audible alarm and may notify a monitoring service. Advanced systems include features like remote access, allowing users to control and monitor the system via smartphones. Additionally, they may integrate with other security devices, such as cameras, indoor sensor, outdoor security sensor, and burglar alarm system for home to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Anti Theft Security System for Home

An effective anti-theft security system for a home integrates multiple components to safeguard against intrusions. It includes door and window sensors, motion detectors, and surveillance cameras. The system is managed through a central control panel, often connected to a smartphone app for remote monitoring and control. Alarms are triggered upon unauthorized access, and alerts are sent to the homeowner and, if subscribed, a professional monitoring service. Additional features may include automated lighting, and integration with home automation systems for enhanced security and convenience.

I have heard from many people that they get false alarms even when there is no one in the detection region. Why is it so ?

There are possibilities of alarms going off in some cases like obstacle caused by the presence of vegetation, presence of clothes like curtains, presence of too reflective surface in the detection region.

I run a jewellery shop and don’t want to rely only on CCTVs. What can you provide me better than that ?

To understand about the type of products required to be installed at your shop, a security survey needs to be done at your place first.

I am fond of plants and already have a lot of plants and trees at my home. I have heard that plants too can generate alarms. Is it true ? If yes, then how can I secure my home from threats ?

Yes, it is true that plants and trees coming into the detection region of the security system can generate alarms. There is only one way out to avoid this problem that the trees and plants need to be trimmed from wherever they are coming into the detection region.

My children keep on running here and there in the home all the time. Can’t I install your products now as there might be alarms caused by their movement ?

Presence of any human being in the detection region will definitely generate an alarm because they are made to that only. If you think there might be an alarm due to children playing in the home, then you can disarm the system at that particular moment and arm it again at night or at the time no one is at home.

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