Industrial Security Solution


Industries serve as the cornerstone of any nation, driving economic growth and prosperity. However, they often encounter security challenges stemming from both internal and external factors. These challenges can lead to significant losses, including theft of valuable assets, disruptions in production, and even potential casualties. 

Our mission is to provide comprehensive security solutions tailored to the unique needs of industrial environments. By addressing these challenges proactively, we aim to safeguard industries and minimize the impact of security threats on their operations and personnel. 

Our proactive approach involves deploying advanced security technologies and implementing robust security measures to deter and detect potential threats before they escalate. From state-of-the-art VMS systems to access security solutions and intrusion detection systems, we offer a range of tools and strategies to enhance security posture and mitigate risks effectively. 

By partnering with us, industries can rest assured that they have a reliable ally in safeguarding their assets, ensuring continuity of operations, and protecting the well-being of their workforce. Together, we can build a safer and more secure environment for industrial activities to thrive and contribute to the overall prosperity of the nation.

Pain Points

  • Intruder jumping the wall and getting inside the premises.
  • People throwing scrap and valuables outside.
  • Protection of Control room from intruders and unauthorized persons so as to avoid any malfunction in the operation.
  • Unauthorized access to restricted area may result in unintentional vandalism to the product.
  • Person entering the storage and taking valuables out.
  • Open storage is easily susceptible to theft. Hence needs to be secured.
  • Man Guards are sometimes found to be abetting theft for cash benefit or threat of life.
  • In a huge premises, if whole site is monitored using manguards only then there will be a huge recurring cost.


Industrial Security Sensor

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System


Roof Top Protection

Shutter Sensor

Logistic Truck detection

Smart Vehicle Detection Sensor


Integration with VMS and CCTV

Hybrid Security Solution

Middle Area Security System

Solutions List

Active Motion Detector
Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
warehouse finished products canopy
Storage and Asset Protection
Middle Area Protection
portrait male security guard with radio station camera screens 1
Integration with VMS and CCTV
Rooftop Animation
Roof Top Security System
Hybrid security
Hybrid Security Sensor
vehicle warning system
Smart Vehicle Detection Sensor
Smart vehicle 1
Logistic Truck Detection
Shutter Sensor
Shutter Sensor
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