Water Quality Sensors

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Water scarcity is a major concern in today’s era and water pollution also is a huge problem these days. Monitoring of various water quality parameters related to pollution helps to do the optimum treatment of wastewater. OPTEX is the first company in the world that has successfully developed an ”Automatic Water Transparency Measurement Sensor”. Water quality does not refer to a specific parameter, it contains multiple parameters to measure the accurate quality of water. Achievement of proper water quality is increasing day by day and thus the requirement of continuous monitoring of water quality is also arising. OPTEX offers a wide variety of water quality sensors that help to monitor the continuous measurement of the quality of water. Our sensors are specially designed for all kinds of water quality applications whether it is for drinking water, process water, industrial wastewater, sewage water, lakes, rivers, sea application etc. We have solutions to measure various parameters in water i.e. turbidity, TSS, MLSS, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, ORP etc. Our sensors are too rugged and are specially designed for harsh application environments and these sensors’ MOC helps them to increase their lifespan. In OPTEX, we trust and believe to build new technologies that help to ease the quality measurement process and its continuous monitoring. We have our own cloud-based data management service which helps to monitor the data from a remote place to your convenient platform. This data management service is a real-time data monitoring module which helps to keep an eye on each and every recorded measurement.

New transmitter which provide excellent usability and operability.
Turbidity Checker
Measures the degree of Turbidity of drinking water, sewage treatment plants, rivers and factory drainage
Suspended Solids
Measures Suspended Solids included in factory drainage, etc.
Oxygen Checker
Dissolved Oxygen
Measures the Oxygen dissolved in water
Measures the electrical conductivity of river water and aqueous solutions used in industries
pH Meter
Measures the liquidity (degree of Acidity or Alkalinity) of a solution
ORP Meter
Measures the Oxidation-Reduction Potential of sewage treatment and plating process
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