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Securing homes from intrusion and burglaries is an important as well as a difficult task at the same time. Homes are the easiest and the most preferred targets for the intruders to fulfil their motives of theft or human life threat. To protect our belongings and families, the conventional security products need to be replaced by advanced technology security systems to beat the new ways of intrusion being adopted by thieves.

As the word suggests, Home Security System is the security system that is used to secure homes from different types of threats. A Home Security System is the one that comprises of different types of electrical security devices/sensors connected with each other to serve the motive of detecting and reporting the act of intrusion.

Types of Home Security System :

1. On the basis of wiring :-

a) Wired – Wired security system is the one in which all the security devices are connected with each other and control panel through wires.

b) Wireless – Wireless security system is the one in which devices have no wires for connection and operate on batteries. Such security system is easy to install as compared to the wired.

2. On the basis of monitoring :–

a) Self Monitored – In self monitored home security systems, the devices are taken care of by the owners or the deployed security personnel at the premises. It lies with them only to respond in their own way at the time of intrusion.

b) Professionally monitored – There are a lot of companies that provide monitoring services in addition to the security devices. These companies have their dedicated monitoring rooms and persons to have a watch on all the assigned homes, devices health, battery level, etc. At the time of intrusion attempt, the installed devices send a warning signal to the monitoring room and the dedicated person either informs the police or their own professionally trained rapid response team to tackle intruders.

Technologies used in Home Security System :

  • PIR Sensor – A Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor is a type of Infrared (IR) based sensor that measures the heat waves released by objects present in its surroundings. For this purpose, it consists of a lens that acts as the receiver of the waves.
  • AIR Sensor – An Active Infrared (AIR) sensor is the one that consists of both a transmitter and a receiver for Infrared (IR) waves. It detects the presence of anyone in its range if the transmitted waves are blocked by a moving object.
  • Microwaves Sensor – The operation of microwave sensors is based on the principle of electromagnetic radiation emission and wave analysis of the waves that are reflected back to the receiver. Any movement in the environment causes changes in the reflected waves, which the receiver may detect.
  • LASER (LiDAR) – A device called a LASER emits the focused beam of light that results from optical amplification. The laser-based devices send out a straight beam of light that acts as a transmission medium in the air and frequently strikes the item in front of them. The beam’s pattern becomes disrupted if someone enters its path, and the device interprets this as an intrusion attempt.

Components of Home Security System :

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  • Security Cameras – Security cameras or surveillance cameras are placed to record the activities going on at the location they are placed. The recorded footage is stored in DVR or at cloud and can be accessed whenever required.
  • Motion Sensors – Motion Sensors are the type of sensors that detect the movement of objects or people in their range. They are mainly placed indoor and interior locations of the main boundaries of the premises.
  • Perimeter Protection Devices – These are the devices that are placed on the outer boundaries of the secured premises to prevent/deter intruders at the perimeter of the premises itself.
  • Siren/Hooter – Siren is the device that generates a loud sound whenever any of the devices detects an intrusion activity taking place at any place of the premises.
  • Control Panel – Control Panel is the processing unit of the whole wired/wireless home security system to which all the other devices are connected to send and receive signals.

How does Home Security System work :

  1. A Home Security System as consists of different devices connected with each other, the whole security system works in a systematic way to detect intruders –

    1. The perimeter protection devices detect an intruder trying to enter the premises by jumping over walls or any other means. If any person is detected by any of the PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) devices, a warning signal is sent to the control panel connected with all the devices. The control panel is pre-configured in a way to react to the warning signal by alerting the deployed security personnel at the secured premises.

    1. The motion detectors like PIR and microwave detectors sense the presence of an intruder in their detection range. On detection, they send the warning signal to the control panel and the control panel acts as per its programming either by sending an alert to the security personnel/owners or by buzzing the siren installed in the premises.

    1. The security cameras or the surveillance cameras do not perform any special task of detecting the intruders. The security cameras are integrated with the motion detectors or the PIDS to act at the time of intrusion event and record the whole scene.

    As a whole, a home security system performs the task of first detecting an intruder and then notifying the security personnel about the intrusion activity taking place at a particular secured area.

Home Security System devices design concept :

The devices in a home can be arranged as per the requirement of the owner of the house. The users have many options to go for according to their budget, requirement, home structure, etc. There happen to be some customers who look for comprehensive security at their premises without leaving any single corner unsecured. And there are some who just want to secure the most critical areas of their home that can be easily attacked by burglars. Such options or feasibility in choice provides the customers following security system designs :

1. Perimeter Protection :- In this design of a security system, the aim of the owner is to just protect the outer most boundaries of the home. In such a design no other parts of the home are secured with any devices.

2. Interior Protection :-  There are many cases when the requirements of the users arise where they just want the interior areas of the homes to be protected from burglars and there is no focus on protecting the outer regions of the home unlike perimeter protection design.

3. Combined Protection : This a security systems design in which the owners of the home utilize the benefits of both, the perimeter protection design and the interior protection design. This arrangement is the safest and the best one to provide the overall security to the homes without any loop left in it.

4. Hybrid Protection : Hybrid protection is the one in which the owners of the homes secure those parts of the homes that can be most vulnerable to theft irrespective of the location being the interior or the exterior part of the home. Such type of security is mainly undertaken by the users by keeping in mind the budget involved in installing the devices.

Advantages of Home Security System :

  • A home security system plays a vital role of safeguarding your family members from threats that can be caused by an intruder.
  • It protects your belongings when you are not at your home.
  • The security devices installed at a home act as deterrents to the intruders and thus they do not even attempt to enter the home on getting to know about the security there.
  • With the help of a security camera connected with a mobile application, you can see the live scene of your premises being located anywhere in the world.
  • A home security system when installed proves to be cost-efficient as it comes with no recurring maintenance cost and also reduces the cost occurring by deploying manguards.

Applications of Home Security System :

A home security system provides comprehensive security to the home it is installed in.

  1. Residences Insides – The security devices are installed inside the homes away from the outer boundaries and act when the intruder has already entered the premises.
  1. Residences Outside – The devices that are made to protect the premises from outside are installed on the outside boundaries of the premises serving the purpose of deterring the intruders from entering.

Challenges to Home Security System :

  • Buying home security system devices is still on an expensive side as compared to conventional devices.
  • Sometimes it is complained by the owners of the security system about the devices giving false alarms without anyone being present in their detection range.
  • Though the security industry is full of advanced technology products but sometimes it happens that due to the complicated structure of the building they are not able to cover some areas of the home and hence there generates a scope of intrusion through those particular areas.
  • Not all the available devices in the market are wireless and hence during a power cut, it might happen that the home becomes unsecured for a while if proper power backup is not available with the devices.
  • Also, putting cables on the walls can degrade the appearance and show of the walls making them luck ugly.
  • Completely wireless home security systems too can prove to be critical in case proper maintenance is not taken care resulting in battery draining and thus unsecured home as a result.
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