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Pain Points

Intruder jumping the wall and getting inside the premises. 

Intruder and Unauthorized persons

In a huge premises, if whole site is monitored using manguards only then it will be a huge recurring cost.

The theft of confidential information, data alteration, and data loss 


A data center is a physical facility consisting of networked computers and storage that organizations use to house their critical and proprietary assets, applications and data. A data centre mainly comprises of storage devices, servers, switches, cable system, racks, routers, etc. A data center’s utility lies in organizing, processing, storing and disseminating the shared data and applications. A data centre stores a lot of critical data of an organization’s employees, customers and clients and a huge database which can never be shared with unauthorised persons. Thus, the security and reliability of a data center and its information are among an organization’s top priorities. We provide the solutions to the organizations to secure data centres both physically and Digitally.


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