Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Perimeter is the outer boundary of a premises which has the main entry and exit to the entire area which it encloses. The enclosed premises can be a home, industry, bank, warehouse, defence cantonment, etc, which are accessible only after crossing the first point of admission that is the perimeter.

What is Perimeter Protection?


The Perimeter of any premises is the first and foremost critical layer of security and needs to be protected. Every theft or sabotage starts from this point only and hence protecting it becomes the most important as well as the most difficult part of the Security System.

Types of Perimeter Security Systems:

    • Electrified Fencing: Fencing or electrified fencing is the most traditional way of perimeter protection being implemented by many small budget industries. This method of protection is beneficial for small scale industries that do not have much concern about protecting their property and materials.

    • Photoelectric Beam Detector: This type of security system works on the principle of infrared beam detection. The system consists of a transmitter and a receiver mounted in line with each other on the outer boundary of the premises. The transmitter continuously transmits the infrared beam and the receiver at the same time detects it. Whenever there is any disturbance in the path of the infrared beam, the sensors detect it as an intrusion attempt and alert the owners.

    • Passive Infrared Detector: Passive Infrared detectors scan the energy released by objects in the form of Infrared and do not emit any. The sensors embedded in the security system remember the infrared image of the surroundings and keep on measuring the energy levels. Whenever there is an unauthorized entry, the sensors detect that due to a change in the energy level of the surroundings. These changes in the energy level send warning signals to the system and alert the respective security persons.

    • Video Surveillance: Video Surveillance system is the security solution that keeps on recording whatever comes in its range. The recorded data gets stored on the DVR or cloud depending on the requirement of the user. The live footage of the focused area can also be watched through mobile or tablet applications from anywhere and at any time.

    • Access Control System: The Access Control System is installed at the entry and exit points of a premises preventing tailgating activities. This type of security system allows only the authorised persons to enter and thus those making intrusion attempts by following the authorised person stop by themselves.

    • Laser Based Intrusion Detectors: These types of security systems work on the principle of detecting intrusion with the help of a laser. The device is mounted at a place like a CCTV camera and made to focus on a particular area. The device forms a particular pattern to cover a wall or fencing and whenever someone comes into its detection zone, the alarm goes off immediately to alert the security people.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection offered by us:


  • Photoelectric Beam Detectors
  • Passive Infrared Detectors
  • Access Control System
  • Laser Based Intrusion Detectors

Who would need a perimeter security system?

    • Airports: Airports need very high perimeter protection as Airports are the best target of any type of intrusion activity, say it is by thieves, terrorists or just garbage pickers. Airports have a lot of high value aircraft equipment, raw materials and aeroplanes themselves which need ultimate protection all the time. Intrusion needs to be avoided at airports as it directly deals with the lives of people because any terrorist group can make technical faults in aeroplanes or can target to hijack the planes.

    • ATMs and Banks:  ATMs and Banks are the places dealing directly with cash and highly valuable things like gold, confidential papers, lending guarantees, insurance papers, etc. These are the things that can directly make people or the economy of a country rise or fall if stolen in huge quantities. Thus, the Perimeter Intrusion Detection System is the one which is the ultimate need of ATMs and Banks.

    • Construction Sites: At the construction sites, there exist many hidden dangers like pits and holes, pointing iron rods, heavy machinery, toxic substances, etc. Installing perimeter security system serves two purposes at the constructions sites as below-

    1. Prevention of theft of raw material and other valuables.

    1. Prevention of accidents from unforeseen dangers.

    • Defence Cantonment and Ammunition: Defence Cantonments are highly secured places that do not allow the entry of civilians due to security reasons. Perimeter Alarm System in Cantonments is essential to use as keeping an eye manually on such huge places with dense forests becomes a difficult task. Also, the Ammunition department is the one where even many of the defence people do not have entry rights being a highly sensitive place. Such a place is kept everyone’s out of reach with the help of a perimeter security system.

    • Data Centres: With almost everything being done digitally nowadays, every organization stores their confidential information in data centres. Technology is progressing day by day but thieves too have found their ways to trespass the security barriers and give shape to their motives. Thus, the perimeter intrusion detection system plays a vital role for organizations looking to safeguard their data.

    • Defence Borders: National security is the first and the most important concern of the leaders of a country and that is achieved by safeguarding the international defence borders. A perimeter alarm system is the first thing that comes to the mind of defence people that relieves most of their stress as it is the border from where the terrorists enter into the neighbouring country.

    • Industries: Industries are the ones that can make or shake the economy of a country. Industries undergo a lot of steps while manufacturing their products and thus have raw material, semi-manufactured products, final products, machinery, etc which can be stolen by external as well as internal people. To avoid such a loss, industries install perimeter protection systems and get safety from both external and internal threats.

    • Residences: 70% of the theft takes place in the residential areas only and thus homes are the most market of the Perimeter alarm system or the perimeter security system manufacturers. From the customers’ point of view also, protecting the family members is more important than other things.

    • Airports

    • ATMs and Banks

    • Construction Sites

    • Defence

    • Data Centres

    • Industries

    • Residence

Benefits of Perimeter Security System:

    • Prevents unauthorized entry: The Access control system makes you decide whom to allow and whom not to allow in the premises.

    • Prevents Burglaries: Boundaries of the premises when protected with the perimeter security system do not leave any scope with the potential intruders to enter into the premises.

    • Safeguards lives: The Perimeter Alarm System installed at homes proves to be vital for people inside it as it detects the suspicious activities happening near the periphery of the home and alerts the owners in advance.

    • Prevents accidents at critical places: Perimeter protection becomes an important aspect to be taken care of at the places like manufacturing plants, construction sites, railway lines, etc to prevent any unforeseen accident.

    • Reduces human efforts: Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) save a lot of human efforts in the form of manguards deployed at a place indirectly reducing the recurring cost in the form of salaries.

    • Spontaneous response: The security systems being alert all the time due to the embedded technology give spontaneous alerts to the security personnel in case of any intrusion attempt.

How does a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System work?

If seen from the technical perspective, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) work in different ways depending on the detection technologies incorporated in them. But generally, whatever the technology is being used by the devices, the ultimate task which all the devices have is to detect the intrusion attempts and give an alert.

Step by step process which all the devices follow are as follows:

    • The mounted devices keep on working as per their speciality and notice unusual movements in their detection range if any.

    • On noticing the movements, the devices send warning messages to the control panel which is the brain of all the connected devices.

    • On getting the warning message, the control panel responds as per the pre-set rules and alerts the security personnel of the intrusion attempt taking place.

Perimeter Security System complexity:

Installing perimeter Security Systems come with many challenges which need to be dealt with very carefully to avoid future problems and unwanted threats. Such type of challenges can be as follows:

    • Type of boundary

    • Ground area

    • Terrain 

    • Weather condition

    • Presence of trees and shrubs or bushes


    • Any premises can be made inaccessible for unauthorized people by installing sensors all around the perimeter which will trigger the alarm if someone comes under its range of detection.

    • The sensors will trigger the alarm immediately if someone roams around in the proximity of the restricted area, hence alerting the manguards to take action accordingly.

    • Restricting unauthorized entry is the only way to prevent sabotage. This can be done by installing sensors to detect entry and prevent tailgating events to occur by an unauthorized person.
    • CCTVs when integrated with Intrusion Detection System, increases their efficiency by manifolds making it a real time event recorder as well as detector.


Is it necessary to protect the parameter of my premises ? Can’t I just install the indoor products ?

Just installing the indoor products and leaving the parameters unsecured is not recommended from our side. The perimeters also need to be secured for complete safety as the perimeter is the first place of intrusion for the burglars.

Are products for perimeter protection different from indoor protection products ?

Yes, we have dedicated products for outdoor as well as indoor protection that are installed at the premises depending on their application.

I do not have any power source near the outer boundary of my home. Can’t I get your products installed now ?

It is not necessary to have a power source near to your boundary because we have wireless products as well that operate on batteries.

I have heard from many people that many times alarms get triggered at their place if any bird sits on the walls secured with the security sensors. Why is it so ?

You might have heard so but not in the case of Optex products because we have designed our products with special care to such incidents. We have put four beams in our sensors installed on the perimeter of the premises that generates alarms only when all the 4 beams are blocked. Blocking all four beams at a time is not possible for any bird due to its small size and hence there are alarms only if humans pass through the secured area.

I do not have any shed to cover your products on my outer wall. How will your products withstand heavy rain, dust, heat, etc. ?

There is no requirement of any shed for our products as our products undergo around 150 indoor environmental checks before being launched into the market. Hence, our products are capable of working perfectly in all weather conditions.

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