━ Defence-Border ━

Pain Points

At defence sites especially on border areas, Detection of Intrusion is difficult because of dense vegetation, large and uneven perimeters.

Protection of control room from intruders and unauthorized persons.

Unauthorized access to be restricted in prohibited areas like Serer room, Ammunition room.

Defense units in the border areas are mostly on the move. The major issue is power and ease of installation.

In a huge premises, watching every area 24×7 without any error is very difficult. 


Border security is one of the most vital components of national security of any country. Border of a country is huge. It has various features like mountains, deserts, rivers and undulating ground. To rely on humans to effectively monitor activities on such humongous and versatile perimeter is a big ask. These land features make technology deployment also challenging. One type of technology might not be suitable for all types of areas. We offer a solution to these issues by applying various technologies to secure the border.


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Portable deployment

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