Restricted Area Protection


A Restricted area can be made inaccessible for unauthorized people by installing sensors all around the premises which will trigger the alarm if someone comes under its range of detection.

Security manguards can be made more effective by integrating sensors with CCTVs so that they see the footage only when the alarm triggers and can be made to patrol the site rest of the time.

The sensors will trigger the alarm immediately if someone roams around in the proximity of the restricted area, hence alerting the manguards to take action accordingly.

A restricted area is given entry only to the limited persons who have the entry rights with them. This can only be done by installing the Access Control System at the premises entrance.

Related Products

REDWALL-V: Long Range with creep zone Synthesized Intelligent PIR

  • IP connection
  • Intelligent PIR detection system
  • Built-in creep zone detector (Double dual pyro-elements)
  • Anti-vandalism functions


  • High power quad beam detection range 60m/100m/200m
  • Double modulation
  • A.T.P.C.-Automatic transmit power control
  • I.A.S.C.- Integrated alignment status communication
  • IP65

The Accurance 3D is the new Optex sensor based on TOF (Time of Flight) technology.

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