People Counting Sensors

People Counting Sensors

People counting sensors, as the name indicates, are the sensors that are installed in industries, offices, public facilities, shopping centres, transport hubs etc. to count the number of people entering and exiting the place. The highly accurate sensors from Optex with 3D Technology count, store and automatically transfer the collected data to the connected software or computer for direct observation and creating reports for analysis.

Working Principle :

Vector Focus Point Image Recognition method –
People counting process

Optex’s people counting sensors are based on our patented image recognition technology called Vector Point Image recognition method to identify, track and automatically count the number of people passing under the sensor. The procedure of counting people involves following steps –

1. Image Capture :- Whenever a human enters a place with the people counting sensor in action, the image is captured by the sensor as soon as the person comes under it.

2. Vector Focus Point Calculation :- After capturing the image of the person, the sensor analyzes the captured 2D image as a realspace 3D image.

3. Human shape recognition :- The next step in recognition is the analysis of the captured image against the pre-stored human shape model. If the captured image matches with the shapes in the model, the sensor gets ready to track it as a human.

4. People Tracking :- On successfully recognizing the entering object as a person, the sensor keeps the track followed by him.

5. Data Count :- The final step that a sensor performs is to count (increase/decrease) the number of people entering or exiting the place and send the data to the connected software to show it on a screen or just keep it in the records.

Advantages :

Optimize staffing and labour cost

People counting sensors help the retail shops in analyzing the staff behaviour and their utilization in each area of the shop. On analyzing this, the owners can increase or decrease the staff count to avoid unnecessary staffing and labour cost.

Measure Marketing Effectiveness

For any company, marketing campaigns are very much essential to earn profit and grow. People counting sensors become a great means for them to actually measure the marketing campaigns effectiveness. For that, companies compare the data collected during a campaign with the data of the time when no marketing campaign is in action.

Ensure social distancing

After the break-in of COVID-19, it has become the responsibility as well as the urgency for all to follow social distancing. For this, all the places with people’s presence can install the people counting sensors to keep an eye on the number of people present and thus limit extra people from entering.

Boost sales and conversion

For retail centres and shopping malls, people counting sensors prove to be very beneficial in increasing the sales by understanding the purchase behaviour of customers. With the sensors in action, the owners are able to analyze if people entering the shops are really buying the products or just leaving after browsing.

Applications :


New Project 47
  • Accurate and Reliable people counting sensor, vital for Retail Facilities.
    • Provides automatic traffic counts of people entering stores and facilities
    • Accurately tracks complicated movements
    • Sensor processes counts, stores, and transfers data
    • Simple Web-based setup interface
    • Video Streaming
    • Data Delivery via FTP/FTPS
    • POE Powered


People counting sensors are devices designed to count the number of individuals passing through a specific area. They use various technologies, such as infrared beams, video cameras, thermal imaging, and ultrasonic waves, to detect and tally human presence. These sensors are commonly used in retail stores, transportation hubs, public buildings, and events to monitor foot traffic, analyze visitor behavior, and optimize space utilization. The data collected by people counting sensors helps businesses and organizations make informed decisions regarding staffing, security, marketing strategies, and facility management, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience.

The VC-1020 sensor is a people counting sensor that typically employs a combination of video camera technology and advanced image processing algorithms. It captures video data to detect and count the number of people passing through a specific area. The VC-1020 is designed for high accuracy in various lighting conditions and environments, making it suitable for applications in retail, transportation, public buildings, and events. It helps businesses and organizations monitor foot traffic, analyze visitor patterns, and make informed decisions for space utilization, staffing, and security measures.

The sensor detects and tracks the number of people accurately using Image Recognition technology counting. Video-based sensors use cameras and image processing algorithms to identify and count individuals. These sensors provide real-time data on foot traffic, aiding in space management, security, and operational efficiency across various settings like retail stores and public venues.

A people counting system functions by deploying sensors and algorithms to accurately detect and count individuals passing through a specific area. The collected data is processed in real-time by software that applies algorithms to provide an accurate count. 

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