VMS Integration with security sensors


Incorporating security sensors into Video Management Systems (VMS) represents a pivotal advancement in the realm of security and surveillance. This integration allows for a seamless collaboration between cutting-edge sensors and sophisticated VMS platforms, fostering enhanced situational awareness and bolstering overall security measures. The amalgamation of these technologies empowers a more proactive response to potential threats, ensuring a robust and efficient security infrastructure. This introduction explores the benefits and implications of integrating security sensors with VMS, paving the way for a comprehensive and integrated approach to modern security solutions.

OPTEX have the capability to link our array of sensors with various hardware and software, facilitating a more streamlined control of security or facility management. By integrating intruder detectors with VMS or PSIM platforms, we contribute to enhancing CCTV operations through the activation of alarms and lighting, as well as the monitoring of individuals and objects across different camera perspectives.

PIE 1 system
Realtime security alert


OPTEX’s intrusion detection sensors and system offer an exceptionally precise warning system, allowing swift confirmation of alarm incidents either on-site or remotely through integration with surveillance cameras. When a sensor identifies an intrusion, a connected camera is activated, triggering actions such as live pop-ups or PTZ camera control on the monitoring room’s screen. This empowers security personnel to promptly and accurately respond by dispatching on-site checks, alerting the police or property owner, or delivering a remote voice warning. This integration significantly enhances operational efficiency, ensuring a reliable and rapid response in emergency situations.

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Benefits of VMS Integration Sensors

  • Efficacy Concerns: Residents or Business owner often worry about the effectiveness of security measures in place, questioning whether the existing systems can adequately deter or detect intruders. 
  • Perimeter Breach Anxiety: The fear of potential breaches in the community’s perimeter defenses is a persistent concern. Residents or Business owner may feel uneasy about vulnerabilities that could compromise the safety of their homes/offices. 
  • Continuous Vigilance: There is a perceived need for residents or Business owner to remain vigilant at all times, contributing to a sense of constant alertness and potential stress as they strive to prevent unauthorized access. 
  • Security Update Dependency: The necessity for regular security updates and improvements can be a pain point, as residents or Business owner may feel uneasy if they perceive a lag in the adaptation of security measures to evolving threats. 
  • Increased Insecurity: The cumulative effect of these concerns results in an overall heightened sense of insecurity among residents or Business owner, impacting their peace of mind and satisfaction with the security infrastructure in the gated community.

How to integrate OPTEX sensors and video surveillance systems

Integration of REDSCAN Pro and VMS

The integration of the REDSCAN Pro and REDSCAN mini-Pro series into a Video Management System (VMS) is facilitated by its compliance with the ONVIF Profile S standard. (REDSCAN Pro: RLS-3060V/RLS-50100V, REDSCAN mini-Pro: RLS-2020V/RLS-2020A). Those sensors employing LiDAR technology, serves as a highly precise security sensor suitable with exceptional detection capabilities for both outdoor and indoor applications. The detection area can be divided into 8 independent zones and robust resistance to varying environmental conditions. Especially for RLS-50100V, its detection area is up to 50m x 100m area so that it’s possible to cover large area with 1 unit.

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Why choose OPTEX :​

  • It has been more than 44 years OPTEX is into the sensors business.
  • OPTEX is present in more than 80 countries and expanding continuously.
  • Worldwide more than 20 Million products are being used.
  • Around 2 Million products are manufactured and distributed around the world annually.
  • All the products undergo around 150 quality tests before getting launched into the market.
  • OPTEX products comply with over 200 types of laws, regulations and standards.
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