Vehicle Detection System


OPTEX’s OVS-01GT is a vehicle detection sensor that does not require burial. Unlike loop coils, there is no need to bury it underground, so it’s not necessary dig into the ground for installation or maintenance, reducing construction time and cost. Additionally, its human cancellation enables to ignore human and detect vehicle only. (patent pending)

In India, it’s common to use loop coils for vehicle detection at car barriers, swing and slide gates in parking lots. Because loop coil needs to be buried underground, it requires digging work and dedicated machineries for construction. Additionally, construction work makes noise, so consideration is needed in such places that requires a 24-hour quiet environment such as hospitals.

In a case of loop coils, not only regular maintenance but also a case that something goes wrong with the coils, road traffic must be stopped and the ground dug up to check. Lanes should remain closed during maintenance, causing issues with vehicle traffic. The whole process may go on for a few days till the loop is set up properly.

Key Features of OVS-01GT

  • Installation without groundwork: The OVS-01GT detects in a range of 5.5-meter range without relying on in-ground devices.

  • Enhanced Human Cancelling Capability: To ensure exceptional performance and ability to filter human presence. This improvement significantly reduces false alarms and ensures superior overall performance.

  • Detection Range: Detecting vehicles at a speed from 2 to 20km/h and offers an impressive 18-feet detection range, effectively covering a broader area, thereby enhancing security and access control.

  • Temperature: Operating in between -30 to 50 C range.

  • Strong against rain and wind: Automatic sensing adjustment enables to be used at outdoor.


Barrier gate

Gates >

OPTEX Virtual Loop sensors serve a dual purpose by enabling gate activation and providing vehicle protection.

Car parking 1

Parking Occupancy >

OPTEX Virtual Loop sensors can be used for gate activation and vehicle protection both.

Car Counting

Car Counting >

Car counting sensor “OVS-01CC” has the capability to count cars and filter out pedestrian movements.


Truck occupancy system >

The OVS-01GT is suitable for implementing a truck-guiding system within a logistic center. 

vehicle warning system

Vehicle warning system >

Vehicle warning system designed to enhance pedestrian safety on walking paths. When a vehicle exits a parking facility, the system activates both a rotating light and a sounder to alert pedestrians of the vehicle’s presence.

Number Plate

License Plate Recognition >

The utilization of trigger signals from OPTEX Virtual Loop sensors can enhance the accuracy of License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems.

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Why choose OPTEX :​

  • It has been more than 44 years OPTEX is into the sensors business.
  • OPTEX is present in more than 80 countries and expanding continuously.
  • Worldwide more than 20 Million products are being used.
  • Around 2 Million products are manufactured and distributed around the world annually.
  • All the products undergo around 150 quality tests before getting launched into the market.
  • OPTEX products comply with over 200 types of laws, regulations and standards.
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