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In the realm of modern security, Indoor Security Sensors play a pivotal role in fortifying the safety of enclosed spaces. These sophisticated devices, designed with precision and intelligence, are crafted to detect and respond to potential threats within indoor environments. Whether safeguarding homes, offices, or commercial spaces, Indoor Security Sensors utilize advanced technologies such as Passive Infrared (PIR), microwave, or dual technology to monitor movement, or other relevant parameters. Their seamless integration with alarm systems ensures prompt alerts in the event of suspicious activities, providing homeowners and businesses with a robust layer of protection. With a focus on accuracy and the ability to minimize false alarms, these sensors exemplify the evolution of security technology, contributing to the peace of mind of individuals and organizations alike.


Benefits of Indoor Protection

Indoor protection sensors offer numerous benefits, contributing to the overall safety and security of indoor environments. Some key advantages include:

  1. Intrusion Detection: Indoor protection sensors, such as motion detectors and door/window sensors, effectively detect and alert occupants to unauthorized access or intrusions, enhancing security.

  2. Property and Asset Protection: These sensors safeguard valuable assets, personal belongings, and equipment within indoor spaces, reducing the risk of theft or damage.

  3. Reduced False Alarms: Advanced technologies, like PIR (Passive Infrared), help minimize false alarms by accurately distinguishing between human movement and other environmental factors.

  4. Customizable Security Solutions: Indoor protection sensors come in various types and models, allowing users to tailor their security systems to specific needs, whether it’s a standalone sensor or part of a comprehensive security setup.

  5. Quick Response Time: In the event of a security breach or emergency, indoor protection sensors can trigger immediate responses, such as sounding alarms or notifying security personnel, leading to a swift reaction.

  6. Privacy and Peace of Mind: Indoor protection sensors contribute to a sense of privacy and peace of mind, allowing occupants to feel secure within their living or working spaces.


Optex’s Indoor Protection Sensors exemplify cutting-edge security with advanced Passive Infrared technology. Designed for precision, these sensors intelligently differentiate between human presence and false triggers, offering optimal accuracy. The unique rotatable lens facilitates easy switching between wide and narrow detection within a single sensor, providing versatility. Antimasking technology adds an extra layer of defense against tampering, and compliance with security grades ensures industry-standard reliability. Installation is user-friendly, integrating seamlessly with existing security systems. Optex’s commitment to innovation makes their Indoor Protection Sensors a benchmark for creating secure, adaptive indoor environments with minimal false alarms.

Application Examples

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