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Pain Points

Intruder jumping the wall and getting inside the premises. 

People throwing scrap and valuables outside

Protection of Control room from intruders and unauthorized persons so as to avoid any malfunction in the operation.

Unauthorized access to restricted area may result in unintentional vandalism to the product

Person entering the storage and taking valuables out.

Open storage is easily susceptible to theft. Hence needs to be secured

Man Guards are sometimes found to be abetting theft for cash benefit or threat of life.

In a huge premises, if whole site is monitored using manguards only then there will be a huge recurring cost.


Industries are backbone of any country and they are hub of economic activities. It faces security challenges from internal and external factors. These factors can result in theft of valuables, Production loss and sometimes even casualty. We provide security solution that will make our response to these challenges proactive.


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