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Gated communities that are surrounded by fences tend to be considered safer by the people who live there. However, in reality, there are thefts occur by intruders who climb up the perimeter fence to enter the premises and break into homes there. Especially, if there is a vacant lot or a construction site next to them, it tends to be targeted by thieves more, because it’s not observed so much. In addition, at houses near gated community perimeter, there have been cases of intrusions climbing the perimeter fence or electric poles and entering from the window of second floor of houses.

Alarm systems which OPTEX provides, consisting of outdoor/indoor security sensors and control panels, are used for intruder detection in detached houses. However, it is not just for protecting each home. It can also be used to strengthen the overall security infrastructure in gated communities. OPTEX gated community solution provides a seamless security flow which detects an intruder in gated communities in real time, check alarm signals (monitoring), and implements on-site checks by security personnel, so emergency can be found and dealt with in real time and enhance residents’ safety. This introduction marks a significant stride towards creating a more robust and responsive security framework within gated communities, addressing the evolving challenges of modern residential protection.


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Solution 1) Security for Detached Houses

Home CCTV is a useful solution to record and know “What happened in the past”. However, it does not give you any notifications when an intruder breaks into your house. OPTEX believes that having outdoor security is the most effective way to secure your safety.

Perimeter Protection 2Intruders climb over the perimeter fence of your property and enter your home through windows, roofs, entrances, etc.. Alarm systems that use only indoor sensors detect and alert you after intruders have enter your home. So even if they can be detected, there is a risk of theft or physical damage such as broken windows with higher possibility. OPTEX considers that “Early warning” is the most effective way, which detects intruders right after reaching the perimeter fence or garden before they enter your home. It enables you to respond it earlier or even turn them away by the sound of siren. In “Level Surveillance Concept” which we put forward, creating a defense line incorporating three warning levels targeting the perimeter of the property (A Zone), the boundary of the building (B Zone), and the indoor area (C zone). As a result, you can greatly strengthen and improve crime prevention.

Security sensor list:

The best sensors depend on your home environment and needs, so please feel free contact OPTEX PINNACLE for more information.

Solution 2) Perimeter Fence Protection of Gate Community

PerimeterAs written above, gated communities tend to be considered safer by the people who live there. However, people who do not live in the gated community may climb the perimeter fence and enter the property. Gated communities often have several security guards for the entrance or on patrol inside. However, with limited resources, it is difficult to monitor suspicious people into gated communities attempting to do bad things to each residence without missing. OPTEX recommends installing long-range photobeam sensors on the perimeter fence against this. It triggers an alarm immediately when it detects that an intruder who climbed the fence physically blocks the sensor’s beam. The combination of human security guards and machine-based security systems provides a balanced approach that maximizes security coverage while also allowing for the human judgment and response that machines can’t replicate.

If integrating this alarm system and video surveillance system (CCTV), it enables you to do visual verification of alarm scene for better security response and decision-making but also keep critical evidence.

Solution 3) ProAnzen Map monitoring software – Monitoring alarms in gated communities

ProAnzen Map system suits to monitoring in gated communities. In most the monitoring projects with ProAnzen Map, alarm system with OPTEX sensors is installed in each building in the premises or at perimeter fence of gated community. And ProAnzen Map software is installed to PC placed in the on-site guard room.

If a burglar alarm is triggered from a house, the alarm signal is shown on PC screen of ProAnzen Map and a security guard can confirm at which building or location the alarm occurred visually. Then, the security guard goes by himself or dispatch another security guard in order to check what happened to the issue site, and he calls the police, inform the owner of building, etc. according to the situation.

ProAnzen 3

Great benefits of ProAnzen Map

  1. Reasonable Cost : The installation and running costs are very reasonable. There’s no longer a need for expensive graphic annunciators, or professional monitoring software.
  2. Easy and Simple : It supports the upload of the site map and you can simply mark the location of installed devices on the map.
  3. User-friendly System : Intuitive operation is possible by its user-friendly GUI, and multi-languages are also supported. You can customize the information such as device location and security personnel’s workflow, according to the site.
  4. Multi Site Monitoring : Monitoring operators can monitor not only a single but multiple sites simultaneously in one system.
  5. Report & Log Function : Monitoring operator can settle the alarm events through the linked workflow on the same screen. All the reports will be stored in the system and you can export and share the event history with others.

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