Sea Port (Mumbai)

Product:              FD-332 (2 Nos)
Installation Date:  March 2016
Industry:              Shipping Port (Storage Yard)

• To Detect Illegal Immigrants entering from the sea side.
• Secure the site form theft

• Sea side Environment
• Heavy wind

We installed the system successfully with CCTV integration.

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Screenshot 6


The site is 1.1 Kms longs covered with chain linked fence and concertina wires on the top. The site is to hold large shipping containers. This being a highly critical asset, right at the edge of the sea a high level security system was required. In order to incorporate high standard of Electronic security, Fiber Sensys FD 332IP was selected as the most suitable security product for the facility. 02 nos. of FD 332 IP have been installed making 04 nos. of zone, with each one spreading across 250 meters. The FSI FD 332 IP system has been integrated with existing CCTV system, access control etc.
The system is capable of identifying point of intrusion via climbing the fence, cutting of the fence, removing the fence fabric thereby preventing Illegal immigration of humans from the sea side.

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