Elephant Detection for Farmers’ Safety

Product:            SIP-100
Installation Date: March 2018
Industry:            Wildlife



• To detect the movement of Elephants near farms and alert the farmers via SMS so that they stay


• Lot of Vegetation
• Technology used should not emit any harmful rays as this disturbs the behaviour of the animal.


• We gave successful alerts on
animal movements

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Elephant Detection for Farmers Saftey


A fully solar powered elephant intrusion detection system is implemented. 100 m low power PIR sensor Optex was used for detecting motion of thermal objects. On intrusion, a system
with microcomputer and night vision camera is activated, and image is captured. Further, the image is processed using
machine learning algorithm for detecting elephant. On
successful elephant detection, the farmers around the area were given SMS to stay safe and a alert is given to forest
department with image. The back power is stored in lithium batters with a back up time of 3-4 days in single charge.

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