Manguard Efficiency and Surveillance System

Although there are manguards deployed in almost all the secured premises, but to watch or patrol in every corner of the premises is not possible, hence the possibility of intrusion may arise. To help the manguards, surveillance systems are installed at the premises so that any intrusion event can be recorded and the manguards can act upon it. But to prevent the intrusion, just installing the surveillance system is not enough. To completely utilize the efficiency of the system, the sensors from Optex can be integrated with the pre-installed devices.

Background 2

What actually a Surveillance System is ?

A surveillance system is a combination of electronic devices that are focused on a particular area of a premises to keep recording the activities or provide the video to the security personnel for monitoring the area 24*7. In general, a surveillance system can be called as a combination of CCTV cameras.

Common Applications of Surveillance System :

Theft Deterrence

CCTV cameras are mostly placed on the outer areas of the premises so that they are clearly visible to everyone passing by. Such type of installation acts as a strong deterrent to the intruders planning to enter a premises.

Remote Monitoring

The Owners or the security personnel can easily see the live footage of the secured areas with a mobile application.

Perimeter Protection

The CCTV cameras installed at the perimeter of the premises play a very important role in protecting the premises as the perimeter is the first obstacle that an intruder faces.

Vandalism Deterrence

Vandalism in a country like India is a huge problem that we as citizens keep on facing now and then. Surveillance systems installed at different places make it easy for the Police to catch hold of the culprits causing such

Public Area Safety

The presence of CCTV cameras in public areas like railway stations, bus stops, markets, roads, etc. ensures the safety to deters crimes from taking place.

Drawbacks of Surveillance System

Can not prevent intrusion

A video surveillance system can not prevent an intrusion activity from taking place at a premises. It just comes into consideration for post event analysis to provide the proof that an unwanted event has occurred.

Not accurate in dark

One of the biggest and un-resolvable drawbacks of the CCTVs/video surveillance system is that they can not provide clear vision in places with less light.

Can not withstand harsh weather conditions

Video surveillance systems can not withstand harsh weather conditions like extreme heat waves, extreme rain, snowfall, etc.

Incomplete security without manguards

Only installing a surveillance system can not make a place completely secure as in case of a suspicious activity manguards are required to act upon the situation.

Need continuous monitoring

Video surveillance systems need manpower to keep monitoring the videos being recorded without breaking the continuation because even a fraction of a second is enough for an intruder to enter the premises.

OPTEX Sensors and Surveillance System Integration :

Installing a surveillance system at your place is good and can serve the purpose it has been made for i.e. to keep recording the focused area it is installed at. But, the surveillance system/CCTV cameras can not prevent any unwanted activity from taking place at your place. It will just act as evidence for the Police to ensure that the theft/intrusion has actually taken place and thus initiate the task of searching for the thieves. In the whole process, the property owner is at a loss as he will have to wait for the Police to catch the thieves (which has very less possibility). If the Police are able to catch hold of the thieves, then also the possibility of getting the stolen items back is too low.

To overcome this situation, we can integrate the existing surveillance system with Optex sensors (AIR, PIR, LASER). On integration, the CCTV cameras and our sensors work in conjunction with each other in a way that on detecting the suspicious activity, our sensor will trigger the CCTV cameras and they will start recording the event only at that particular time instead of recording continuously all the time.


anguards are unable to monitor every section of the property 24/7, therefore if any location is left unattended even momentarily, a security gap develops. However, our sensors are constantly in operation and can instantly notify the manguards of any suspicious activity in any area of the building.

We never ask anybody to remove all their manguards and depend completely on our sensors because our sensors can only alert you for any suspicious activity taking place at your premises. To tackle the situation definitely, some personnel will be required, be it the manguards or the police.

No, the Infrared radiations emitted by our sensors are not of the wavelength that can harm anyone coming in their path.

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