Power Substation

Product:             SL-650QDP
Installation Date:  Feb 2021
Industry:            PSU


  • To Detect intruders entering from Perimeter.
  • To reduce the theft of scrap material at various sub stations.
  • To avoid health accidents of unauthorized persons entering into premises where high tension electrical equipment and lines are there


  • Harsh Sunny Environment
  • Heavy wind
  • Heavy Electricity around the sensors


Successful implementation of PIDS with OPTEX Photo beam sensors with OPTEX encoders along with IP CCTV on VMS

pwr ststn
pwer ststn


MSEDCL has multiple electrical distribution sub stations across the state of Maharashtra, where challenge is tress passing the perimeter by intruder for any reasons which could be dangerous to his/her life & the risk of sabotage.

Hence MSEDCL has decided to implement Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) with CCTV integration over Milestone VMS at 23 Sub stations across Maharashtra.

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