Accurance OV-102 

Accurance Ov 102

Accurance OV-102 

Accurance OV-102 is designed with an unique detection algorithm to detect unauthorized entry into a secured area. ·

  • Detect “tailgating” and “cross entry” Generate an output signal as “tailgating” or “cross entry” when the number of entries is more than the number of authorizations
  • Multiple detections function Output the multiple detection signal when there are more people in the detection area. It is effective only when the door is closed.
  • Designed for both “inward” and “outward” opening No specific mounting location is required, which means that the detection unit can be mounted on the ceiling, also if the door leaf is moving towards the device.

The Accurance OV-102 stands as an anti-tailgating system featuring human tracking technology and directional determination, adaptable for diverse applications. It offers multiple response levels for tailgating incidents, ranging from alert and deterrence to prevention, based on customers' security preferences and situational needs. Advanced functionalities include the Escort Function, permitting entry for visitors lacking authorized credentials, and external image output from the detection unit. Comprising the OV-102S(E) detection unit and the OV-102CB(E) control box, this system integrates sophisticated features to enhance security measures effectively.

The OV-102 Series acknowledges the diverse installation environments characterized by varying layouts, door types, and lighting arrangements. With its highly flexible area settings and a "door cancel" function, this series empowers consumers to establish a security system without encountering limitations or constraints.

  • Door cancel function Ignore door movement on installation side of detection unit.
  • Workability Install on existing door
  • Detection area adjustability Detection area can be adjusted after installation of detection unit.
  • Sensitivity adjustability Sensitivity can be adjusted after installation

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