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Just protecting the doors and windows of the premises is not sufficient these days as burglars and intruders are becoming smarter and innovating new ways to enter the building. One of the growing cases of intrusion is the intrusion through roofs or ceilings of the building. Protecting the roofs and ceilings has become as important as protecting the outer boundaries of the premises. But, most of the buildings secured with Intrusion Detection Systems do not go for rooftop and ceiling protection considering it unnecessary. The carelessness of not installing the ceiling protection devices  shown by the property owners leads to the loss of property and lives.

The commercial buildings with Solar Panels, HVAC units and other high value equipment placed on the roofs become the target of thieves as in many commercial buildings access to the roof is not much difficult. This also leads to the possibility of digging holes in the roofs and getting entry into the main area of the buildings.


With the rising needs, Optex has come up with the ceiling theft protection or rooftop protection sensors that provide 24*7 real-time security to the buildings by safeguarding the roofs and ceilings. We have LASER based sensors that serve the purpose of securing the roofs and ceilings.

The sensors can cover the whole ground area of the roof and detect someone roaming in the detection range.

The sensors can protect the ceiling of the premises by covering the complete ceiling horizontally and can easily detect someone entering the place after digging a hole in the roof.

The sensors can also be integrated with pre-installed CCTVs to increase the efficiency of the surveillance system.

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CX 702 2


  • Detection coverage wide angle 85° range 21mx21m
  • Long range detection 45mx2.4m
  • Multi-focus technology
  • Double conductive shielding
  • Temperature compensation
  • Sealed optics
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  • 20m x 20m, 95 degree detection area
  • Vertical and Horizontal detection modes
  • Multi-angle Adjustment Shell Structure (M.A.S.S.)
  • Unique detection algorithm
  • IP66
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