i-oneX T


i-oneX T

Activation and Safety

  • BLUEZONE™ Technology
    When a person or object is detected in the approach area, the sensor activates the door and turns on the BLUEZONE™ that detects through the threshold. The sensor holds the door in the open position for as long as someone is in the detection area. Once the area is clear, the BLUEZONE™ ignores the door panels and allows the door to safely close.
  • Built-in Supplemental Side Light Safety
    The i-oneX T has a wide and deep detection area that covers not only the threshold area but also the sidelight area. The i-oneX T provides supplemental sidelight safety all from a single sensor. Provide your customers with the highest level of safety and functionality with the i-oneX T from OPTEX.
  • Easy Adjustment
    The sensor can be quickly adjusted for many different applications using the easily set switches and shutters. No external set-up device is needed.
  • Buildings
  • Blue zone technology
  • supplemental sidelight safety
  • Adaptable to all environments
  • Superior stability

i-one X T Specs

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