Activation and Safety

  • Pushbutton Activation Function
    The special OA-FLEX AIR T version offers one narrow activation zone. By marking a zone on the doors or the wall the narrow zone can be used as a virtual touchless switch for activating the doors. The pushbutton function will minimize false openings, making it ideal for hospital or kitchen door applications. All rows are active as soon as the sensor is activated. The sensor will also work as a regular OA-FLEX T offering adjustable activation zones and full door safety and replaces additional safety sensors.
  • BLUEZONE™ Technology
    The presence detection area in the OA-FLEX AIR T consists of three rows: two rows in front of the door and one additional BLUEZONE™ row that looks into the threshold. The BLUEZONE™ activates as soon as the doors start to open and adds an additional row of active infrared. All three rows will be active when someone or something is within the threshold area for as long as the presence timer is set. When the area is safe the doors will start to close again. The BLUEZONE™ recognizes the door movement and will automatically shut off.
  • Easy Adjustment
    Installation time can be minimized using the easily set switches and levers, meaning the sensor can be quickly adjusted for many different applications to modify the presence detection area.
  • Buildings
  • Blue zone technology
  • Unique Spot Activation Area
  • Adaptable to all environments
  • Superior stability


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