Activation and Safety

Whole presence detection capability OA-FLEX T can use detection area as a presence detection area and possibly to utilize for various applications.

  • BLUE ZONE – When the approach area detects a person or object, the sensor will activate the door and turn on the “BLUE ZONE” which detects through the threshold. As long as someone is in the detection area, the sensor will keep the door in the open position. Once the area is cleared, the “BLUE ZONE” will ignore the door panels and allow the door to safely close.
  • Adaptable to all environments – The detection areas can be freely adjusted in the left, right and longitudinal directions. The unit makes reliable detection and activation possible right up to the door for various kind of applications.
  • Superior stability – AIR sensors and micro-controllers are generally immune to the effects of external factors such as rain, snow and insects.
  • Buildings
  • Blue zone technology
  • Adaptable to all environments
  • Superior stability

OA FLEX T specifications

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