oa-4700 , home security system


Shutter sensor with mounting height up to 4.7m

  • Excellent stability with high density launch area - In addition to the spot area arrangement assuming entry from all directions, a high-density area of ​​60 spots with 5 rows of 12 areas provides safe and comfortable passage.
  • High density seatway area improves safety - By installing a high-density seatway area with 12 spots directly under the seat, it supports the safety of vehicles and passers-by.
  • Misoperation reduction by seat cancellation - Equipped with a sheet cancellation function that reduces malfunctions caused by shutter shake.
  • Area can be independently changed - The safety of both areas can be ensured by setting an area for each of the steps and the vicinity of the shutter.
  • Equipped with infinite stop function when multiple areas are detected 
  • Equipped with additional functions - Equipped with two system output contacts, a stationary object detection function, and an interlock mode.
  • Buildings

oa-4700 specs

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