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  • 20m x 20m, 95-degree detection area
  • Vertical and Horizontal detection modes.
  • High detection in both outdoor and indoor environments.
  • Map Screen Display
  • Intuitive user interface by a web browser
  • IP66

The recently launched RLS-2020A ensures highly accurate LiDAR detection and boasts an impressively swift response, providing a guarantee that intrusions will be promptly identified. Its optimal detection range spans 20 x 20 meters at a 95-degree angle, making it well-suited for safeguarding high-value assets, as well as securing high-security buildings and perimeters. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates into existing security systems, offering compatibility with ONVIF Profile S and featuring additional outputs and protocols.

Key features include analytics that recognize the size, location, and distance of moving objects from the unit, along with short-range 20x20m detection that can be customized for either vertical or horizontal orientations. The system supports up to 8 detection zones, allowing for configurable sensitivity, target size, and output settings.

  • Buildings
  • Perimeter
  • Approach
  • Roof / Ceiling
  • Analytics recognising moving object’s size, location and distance from the unit
  • Short-range 20x20m, customisable vertical or horizontal detection
  • up to 8 detection zones with configurable sensitivity, target size and output
  • Map Screen Display
  • Intuitive user interface by a web browser

RLS 2020A

RLS LW 200x200 1


  • Laser Window
    for RLS-2020 series
RLS PB 200x200 1


  • Pole mount bracket
    for all SIP series and all RLS series
LAC 1 1 200x200 1


  • Laser Area Checker
    for RLS-2020/3060
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