Bonded Warehouse Theft

Bonded Warehouse are the critical area on any secure premises like Airports, ports etc where the various valuable materials are stored. This location is a potential threat location and need to be secure from both external and internal theft possibilities.


To avoid unwanted activities in the warehouses, the most important concern is to prevent the unauthorized entry into the premises. This makes the use of Access Control Systems a mandatory solution to implement in an organization.

People with theft motive in mind can even jump over the boundary walls. To prevent this, sensors can be installed on the walls which will detect any intruder jumping over the walls.

People can gain entry into the premises by even tailgating through the main entry. Anti-tailgating sensors installed at the entry point make this event an impossible task to accomplish.

Related Products

New Project 25

30m point to point detection beams. Built for immediate perimeter applications.

  • Easy Alignment wit visual and audible Indicator
  • Light reduction filter
  • Max 99% beam blockage
  • Attractive slender design allows to harmonize with any type of architechture
BXS ST W%E2%80%8B

12m per side detection, outdoor PIR motion sensor, wireless model

  • Wireless curtain PIR up to 12m per side with anti-masking
  • Completely independent detection setting per side
  • Versatile and easy-to-install design
  • Not affected by environment or small animals
HX 80N 2


  • PIR Coverage 24.0 m × 2.0 m narrow / 20 zones
  • PIR Distance limit 6.5 m, 10.0 m, 13.0 m, 18.0 m
  • Active IR digital anti-masking
  • Intelligent AND logic with unique pyro-element
  • Slope Friendliness
  • IP 55
RLS 2020I


  • 20m x 20m, 95 degree detection area
  • Vertical and Horizontal detection modes
  • Multi-angle Adjustment Shell Structure (M.A.S.S.)
  • Unique detection algorithm
  • Available for Indoor/Outdoor
  • IP66
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