Indoor Security Sensors

Indoor security sensors are electronic devices designed to detect and respond to security threats within a building or indoor space. They are used to monitor indoor spaces and detect any unauthorized access, theft, vandalism, or other security breaches.


The CDX series features 82 detection dense zones. In the detection coverage, 4 or more zones must be crossed to distinguish between human and small animal detection.

  • Double- conductive Shielding
  • Digital AIR Anti-Masking
  • Interchangeable Main Unit
  • Plug in EOL unit option

The CDX-DAM is a 15x15m , 85 degree indoor dual tech sensor featuring a dense optical configuration creating 82 individual detection zones.

  • Double- conductive Shielding
  • Digital AIR Anti-Masking
  • Sharply-directed MW Technology
  • Plug in EOL unit option
CX 702 2

“21x21m” or “2.4x45m” indoor PIR, hardwired, with dual purpose lenses

  • Dual purpose lenses which offer wide and long range detection
  • Double conductive shielding
  • Multi focus technology
  • Dual purpose optics
  • Dual technology detector with SMDA logic
  • Flexible lens for coverage 12×12 meters, 85° and 18×2 meters 5° (PIR only)
  • Human capture element
  • Pet immunity
  • 2 to 3 meters mounting height
  • 180° cover lock
  • Alarm relay: NC (24Vdc, 0.1A)
  • Tamper relay: NC (24Vdc, 0.1A)
  • Power supply: 12V DC
sub2 320x320 1
  • Anti-masking : No
  • Pet immunity : Yes
  • Dual technology : Yes
  • Wireless detector : No
  • IR distance detection [m] : 12
  • PIR technology : Passive infrared
  • Warranty : 2 Years
sub2 320x320 1

FlipX is the indoor motion detector not only with a lot of highly evaluated features for existing indoor motion detectors but also with know-how obtained from our experiences of outdoor motion detector development.

  • Hardwired PIR
  • Ratable lens to provide 12m wide detection or 18m narrow detection
  • Superior pet tolerance with new pyroelectric element
  • Graded 2
  • Variable high mount 2.0 – 3.0 meters
sub2 320x320 1

Part of the FlipX Standard Series, the FLX-S-DT is Optex’s latest indoor Dual-tech PIR sensor with new to the market, innovative pyro sensor with human catch element for creating human-sized detection areas and superior pet tolerance. Equipped with a rotatable lens FlipX sensors allow an easy switch from wide to narrow detection, meaning that you can do twice as much with a single product. 


The FMX-DT is a high performance Dual-Technology indoor PIR motion detector for high-end residential and light commercial applications.Our motion detector features quad zone logic, which includes digital target recognition for small animal tolerance. The FMX-DT is our Dual Technology model which combines infra-red and microwave technology to further decrease the chances of unwanted alarms.

FX 360 1


  • Spherical Lens design
  • RFI protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Noise reduction circuit
  • Selectable pulse count (2 or 4)
  • LED remote control terminal

12x12m indoor PIR battery-powered indoor PIR and dual tech sensor features a digital micro-processor

  • Digital Quad Zone Logic
  • Intelligent digital micro-processor (core platform)
  • Analysis of frequencies for best reliability
  • Spacious back box to accommodate third party wireless transmitters
RLS 2020I

Indoor laser scanner, 20m20m 95 degree coverage. Features customisable ‘virtual’ wall or pane.

  • Multi-angle adjustment shell structure
  • Unique detection algorithm
  • Automatic area setting function
  • Advanced area setting

Laser Scan Detector

  • 50m x 100m detection area
  • Vertical and horizontal detection mode
  • High detection resolution: 0.125°
  • Log function with camera
  • Setting by internet browser
  • IP66
RLS 2020I

up to 20x20m or 95° 30m radius, indoor / outdoor LiDAR sensor, wired /PoE

  • LiDAR with customisable detection area up tp 20x20m or 95° 30m radius (ver. 3)
  • Creates virtual walls and planes for a versatile indoor/ outdoor protection
  • Unique algorithm detecting the size, distance and speed of the objects
  • PoE compliant and integrated with most VMS platforms

Laser Scan Detector

  • 30m x 60m detection area
  • Vertical and horizontal detection mode
  • High detection resolution: 0.25°
  • Log function with camera
  • Setting by internet browser
  • IP66
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